isaac kuula

Bonus Content

Why have a whole page for something when you can catch a vibe from a little blurb?

One-offs, styleframes, explorations, and the things that never came to be.

*Sheds a single tear*

    Made by Google 2022 event promo

    Client: Google

    "You bring the popcorn, we'll bring the Pixel." An unused concept for the G Store and social promotion. "Popcorn" communicated the idea that the MBG fall launch isn’t just a product announcement, it’s an exciting moment that people can tune into and enjoy. This approach combined kinetic motion elements of excitement and anticipation with Google's Material You design shapes.

    All I Can Sing EP art

    Client: Summit Spokane

    Summit Spokane reached out to me to design the art for their first EP "All I Can Sing". We landed on this visualization of reflections of larger, greater things.

    Pinspiration Series logo

    Client: Pinterest

    An internal logo. The goal of this animated logo is to convey a sense of inspiration through story, a visually exciting expression of the conversations and fireside chats held monthly with guest speakers. An abstracted doorway visualization utilizes colorful contrast and geometric shapes. Two doors open to reveal a hero star on a down-the-rabbit-hole Alice in Wonderland inspired adventure — ending in an exciting flurry, teasing the stories to come.

    Let's chat

    Client: Pinterest

    A smooth 3D flip reveals unexpected vignette collages, while micro animations add playful elements of surprise. Diverse photographic collage content represents the open possibility of conversation topics, visually saying, “ask me anything!”

    Google Cloud Next

    Client: Google

    Unused animated telemedicine illustrations created for Google Cloud Next '20.

    Pigeon Christmas

    2020 Personal work

    An internal Christmas card made the day before Christmas. You know, that day that I should have taken PTO but forgot to.

    NYC Culture Club

    Client: Waze

    An unchosen illustration for the Waze NYC Culture Club. I'm stoked on the one they picked, but this was too fun not to share.

    The beginning

    2021 Personal work

    An idea that started but never really went anywhere. That's how it goes sometimes.

    Kormo Jobs email signature

    Client: Google

    An animation of an existing logo to be used for email signatures.