isaac kuula

Made by Google 2022

Building on what we created in 2021, the 2022 Made by Google event direction was "slicker, edgier, and more fashion-forward" in order to reflect the latest campaign work and updated device design. To balance this evolution and add warmth, the graphics leaned into washes of warm neutrals paired with snappy kinetic typography and framing devices.

Teaming up with the Google Hardware team, I worked with a small crew at Modicum to create an hour-long in-person and live-streamed event. As the motion lead for the event, I created a clean, grid-based flexible motion system and show package to tie the entire event together. In creating and animating bugs, titles, lower thirds, content and promotional animations, global transition and kinetic typography styles, I wrote the motion language for all animated content throughout and surrounding the presentation.

A consistent motion system of eased match cuts, flexible containers, and bold clean typography paired with a simple grid to tie the show together.